Take Time to Motivate & Inspire a Child — Today!

I recently had an opportunity to share information with a class of 4th grade students regarding what they may want to do to prepare themselves for a future career. It was very rewarding for me personally because I have had a successful career in corporate America and now I have a publishing business (and I am an author and illustrator).

Its funny how earlier in my corporate career, I was all about being highly productive, working towards business objectives and solving problems. I still enjoy that but in the arena of my publishing business model. But my point is I spent 30 years + working in business and industry yet never can I recall getting involved in working with children beyond teaching vacation bible school.

Now, I find it very interesting because I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn) that while some children may seem to be disconnected in terms of whether they are paying attention, some times you can see and make a connection. Sometimes what you say can resonate even if it isn’t necessarily apparent at the time you are speaking with them. Their minds are always evaluating what they hear from adults, as if to decide whether its authentic or not.

And if what you have to say is authentic, if its helpful and they can relate to it…you have an interested audience! Now the only question is what are you going to say that can motivate, inspire and direct them towards becoming excellent? We need more people, specifically more adults to step up to become role models and mentors for children.

I thought my generation was at a disadvantage…but the generation today, at the primary grade levels, have so much more to distract them. They are bombarded with so many conflicting messages from media, games, entertainment, peers, all of which through mediums such as every imaginable technological device…that they are on information overload before they reach middle school!

We need to understand that many parents are also overwhelmed too…So if you can make a difference, if you can carve out the time…do what you can to inspire and motivate a child today. They are after all, our country’s future!

If you wish to learn more about us please stop by our site: http://www.wagpub.com

Be blessed and have a great day!

WAG Publishing


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