Count The Costs – Part 3

I decided Total Knee Replacement (TKR) was going to be a part of my future and that I needed to maximize the chance for success and minimize the risk of failure for the procedure. As such, I needed more information in order to move forward with confidence so I researched and established a list of requirements to be satisfied  prior to scheduling my surgery:

  1. Find an experienced orthopedic surgeon and hospital with a low infectious complication rate – this is critical for your peace of mind and safety!
  2. Make adjustments during open enrollment to change coverage so that you can see the surgeon that best meets your acceptance criteria.
  3. Get in shape! Lose weight, build up your lower and upper extremities because your upper body strenght will be needed for using walking devices post op.
  4. Plan on having support during your recovery – someone should be with you for the first 2 weeks for the majority of the time. You will be very dependent!
  5. Take your pain meds on schedule – stay ahead of the pain curve because it will hit every 4 hours like clockwork!
  6. Get your sleep during the day – take naps because you will not sleep well at night!
  7. Plan on using a bedside urinal at night – its safer and conserves your energy.
  8. Plan on the first 2 weeks as being the very worst in your life insofar as pain and suffering!
  9. Don’t be surprised if all the various meds wreak havoc on your attitude, thoughts and emotions! Opiodes are commonly prescribed and have a psychotropic affect.

The aforementioned are the practical steps I strongly advise you to follow and each is important. Try not to omit any of the above for convenience or sake of finances.

This surgery makes one look inward to find the courage to proceed with it as the operation is an elective procedure. This is where one draws upon their faith:

‘Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you’ – 1st Peter, 5:7

I know that God cares about what we go through in life and that pain and suffering is a part of life. Obviously there are many people in the world suffering fates far worse than TKR and I have the advantage of competent medical attention.

I am learning to view my experience more objectively in just knowing that God cares about me…in the midst of my trials – this brings great comfort and confidence!

“Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father (knowledge)” – Matthew 10:29

I think about what Christ must have felt as the Roman guards, beat him, whipped him 39 times with a cat of nine tails. His life slowly draining from his weakened fleshly body as he was left to die of pain and dehydration. The point is; I doubt I would be so inclined to think about what His body felt like if I wasn’t able to relate to how I experience such pain in my body. Here are some pictures of my experience:

Sorry if the picture on the right grosses you out… but this is what TKR looks like at 2 weeks post op. It’s no joke… But every day brings more progress! Until next time be blessed and you can learn more about us at: 


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